Tian Harlan NOS Chromachron Color Time watch by Jean Perret,1978

A very unusual watch by the German designer Tian Harlan who invented the famous Color-Time watch (more Tian Harlan Color Time watches can be found in our collection). The time is not shown by hands or numerals but by a rotating circle and a coloured dial. This model is a later variation: without the colours but in a beautiful classic combination of gilt metal and imitation Lapis Lazuli. Note that with these Tian Harlan watches it is impossible to read the exact time: they were also called anti-stress watches.


  • art. no. U322
  • gilt metal case
  • dial made of imitation Lapis Lazuli
  • design by Tian Harlan
  • made by Jean Perret
  • hand wind movement
  • made 1978
  • NOS- New Old Stock
  • only 500 were made of this model
  • original strap but in bad condition (easy to replace)
  • SOLD